salt song

salt is the salt of this song
without salt neither story nor salt
without nothing is certainly
inside nothing –
who knows we passed through excellent days and outbreaking nights
got bit of it
got bitten by it
bitterly bitten and harmed now
take this salt with a grain
salt down money and scarfs
(you sold and souled it already
perfectly holding householder) 
with saltos through high heaped mountains of salt
salty mountains with grains in different colours
mainly white
but crystals
in different colours 
salt is – to take it with a pinch pig of salt
to throw it
to catch it
salt is in a pinch pit of salt
heart of a mountain
an obviously hidden big mountain 
salt it with salt where pepper is tasteless
keep salt
keep just this salt in your tears
when they explode
to flow down
from your ears
from your eyes
from your mouth 
thrill and open this mind
salted knuckle of pork*                                                  * Schweinshaxe 

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